Tuneformis Thesis Statement 

  My research looked into the history and psychological effects of horror as well as Puerto Rican stories and folklore. Part of this research helped me learn more about one side of my family, which helped in grounding the story into something tangible for me to relate to. My thesis then blends in the stories and folktales that have shaped a large part of why I want to be a storyteller.


  Tuneformis is a pitch bible, including a skeletal overview of the story, potential concepts of the characters, and setting. This pitch bible will also include a storyboard sample. My thesis is based off of stories told to me from my mom growing up, along with further research into Puerto Rican folklore. I want to focus on creating a coming-of-age narrative that also explores the idea of why we tell scary stories, and how to re-contextualize older stories to reflect how we live today. 


  When looking at the research and applying it to my thesis, I realized that the historical weight of the stories is comparative to how we interact with them. The research also motivated the tone by helping to understand why horror affects us, and when to break the tension with humor. The pitch bible will connect this research to an overarching narrative, where the past is reflective of the future, and that sometimes all you need to do is dig underneath the surface to find the way to move forward.

*Only a snippet of the work will be shown at this time!